Law Offices of Katherine Hatch

Experienced trial attorneys for Massachusetts criminal defense and general litigation matters, including divorce and family issues.

Representing You in All Criminal Matters, from Misdemeanor to Serious Felony in State or Federal Court

If you've been charged with a misdemeanor crime or serious felony you deserve to understand the charges you face and the probable sequence of events you can expect.  Attorney Katherine Hatch will keep you informed and assist you through every step.  She will represent you with skill and expertise in the courtroom, or in negotiations with prosecutors, to help you get the best result possible in your case.


You want Attorney Katherine Hatch to represent to you.

Call us for a free consultation: +1.617.500.7120 

Practice Areas
We put our experience and reputation to work for people who need the best criminal defense
for felony or misdemeanor charges or investigations including:


- Drunk Driving/OUI
- Drug Charges

- Drug Distribution Charges

- Clerks Hearings

- Criminal Investigations

- Check and Credit Card Fraud

- Grand Jury Investigations
- Juvenile Offenses
- Probation Violations
- Restraining Orders
- Traffic Violations/Motor Vehicle Offenses
- White Collar Crimes/Federal Crimes
- Domestic Violence
- Firearms Offenses

- Weapons Offenses
- Arson

- Theft
- Robbery, burglary and theft
- Homicide

- Warrants

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